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The Barber Family

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The Barber Family


Barber, Virgil, 1782-1847
Barber, Jerusha, 1789-1860
Barber, Daniel, 1756-1834


Two generations of the Barber family converted from the Episcopal church to the Roman Catholic church in the 1810s. Two generations entered religious life.

Here is guide to the genealogy.

Daniel Barber Jr. and Abigail "Nabby" Barber were the children of Daniel Barber and Martha Phelps Barber, all of Simsbury, Connecticut. Daniel, Sr. died when Nabby was only seven months old and Daniel, Jr., who was 23 at his father's death, served as a surrogate father to Nabby.

Daniel Jr. married a young widow, Chloe Owen and had at least three children, the oldest of whom was Virgil Horace Barber. Nabby married George Noah Tyler, who was known as Noah Tyler, and had four daughters and four sons.

Virgil Horace Barber and Jerusha Barber were the parents of Mary Barber, Abigail Barber, Susan Barber, Samuel Barber, and Josephine Barber. Both parents and all five children entered religious orders after their conversions.

Abigail Barber Tyler and Noah Tyler were the parents of Rosetta Tyler and William Tyler and several other children. Four of Abigail Tyler's daughters became nuns; her son William became the first bishop of Hartford, Connecticut.


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