The American Converts Database


We wish to give the fullest possible credit to everyone who has contributed to this project. The following people have added items to the database (follow the links to see their contributions):

Name Records contributed
Aubrey Nielsen5
Bartram, Erin242
Beck, Rachel1
Chapman, Emma8
Denton, Andrew1
Endres, David J.1
Erickson, Paul1
Felt, Rachel4
Funk, Kellen2
Hendrickson, Rachel3
Hewes, Lauren B.2
Jones, Christopher9
Krivulskaya, Suzanna4
Kurtz, William B.2
MacNair, Andrea6
Maskell, Caleb2
Mercado, Monica L.6
Meza, Lindsey4
Mullen, Lincoln322
Posner, Steve Newmark, Amy1
Rabin, Shari2
Rachael Beck1
Teames, Kristie 1
Teames, Kristie2