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Rosetta Tyler

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Tyler, Rosetta





Family Relations

Tyler, Abigail Barber (mother)
Tyler,Noah (husband)

Biographical Quotation

"The following year Virgil returned to Claremont from New York, taking with him Father Charles Ffrench, a Dominican who was officiating there at St. Peter's church. The priest remained a week in Daniel Barber's house preaching and saying Mass, with the result that he had seven converts, including Mrs. Daniel Barber and her children, Mrs. Noah Tyler, who was Daniel Barber's sister [?], and her eldest daughter Rosetta. Mrs. Tyler was the mother of William Tyler, first Bishop of Hartford, Connecticut. Her husband and six other children were subsequently converted, and four of the daughters became Sisters of Charity." (Catholic Encylopedia)
"His [William Tyler's] mother [Abigail Barber Tyler] was a daughter of the Rev. Daniel Barber, and sister of the Rev. Virgil Barber." (Richard Henry Clarke, Lives of the Deceased Bishops, 2:274)


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