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Simeon Crowell



Mullen, Lincoln

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Crowell, Simeon

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Yarmouth, MA



Family Relations

Clark, Charlotte (wife)
Crowell, Abner (father)
Kinkley, Ruth (mother)

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Simeon Crowell was born in Yarmouth, MA, to a Quaker father. His father died when he was very young, perhaps before he was born, and his mother had him baptized as a child, perhaps in a Congregationalist church. He became a sailor on fishing and coastal trading voyages. During periodic moments of religious awakening he attended Quaker meetings, and he wrote religious poems occasionally. He also had vivid religious dreams and encounters with Jesus and the devil. But he was mostly irreligious while he was a sailor, at least according to his memoirs. After a series of encounters with Baptist ministers G. Lovell, Barnabas Bates, and James Davis, he became a Baptist and was baptized by immersion, joining the First Baptist Church of Barnstable, MA sometime in July 1808. His wife, Charlotte Clark, became a Baptist on July 4, 1800, just a few months after they were married. Sometime after his conversion, Crowell became a Baptist preacher on Cape Cod.


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