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Mansfield Walworth


Mullen, Lincoln

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Walworth, Mansfield

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Albany, NY

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New York, NY





Family Relations

Walworth, Ellen Hardin (wife)
Walworth, Reuben Hyde (father)
Walworth, Clarence (brother)



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Biographical Text

This convert became a Roman Catholic during a mission preached by the Paulist Fathers.

Biographical Quotation

Paulist Mission Chronicles, 1:25-26:"Several Protestants received the grace of conversion during this mission and a strong impression was made on some others who had not courage to declare themselves at once Catholics. The most interesting conversions were those of Mansfield Walworth, younger brother of F. Walworth, Miss Ellen Hardin his stepsister, and a black servant in the family. Young Mr. Walworth, at this time a student of law of 21 years of age, had been reading Catholic books for some months. He attended the mission, visited the fathers and the other priests at the pastor's house frequently, at length began to say the Rosary, and soon after the close of the mission was conditionally baptized by the Rev. Mr. Waltry. Miss Hardin, a young lady of nineteen, daughter of the celebrated and gallant Col. Hardin of Kentucky who fell in the battle of Buena Vista, in the Mexican War, was an Episcopalian and attempted to counter the arguments of her brother Mansfield on High Church grounds. After an animated discussion during one evening she reflected by herself on the arguments of her brother and the next morning declared herself convinced. A black servant (Dolly) who had accompanied Mrs. Walworth (who had lately been married to the chancellor) from Kentucky joined the Catholic standard at the same time, and she had immediately resolved to go no more to family prayers or to the Protestant church. After some study and preparation Miss Hardin came to Albany during the mission at St. Joseph's, and was there received into the Catholic Church by her brother in the Convent of the Sisters of Charity. the negro girl became also a staunch Catholic and a brilliant ebony pillar of the church in Saratoga and especially was she active and efficient in animating the servant girls of the village to defend their religious liberties. On receiving a brazen [illeg. ball?] and crucifix from Father Walworth she fairly leaped and danced for joy. Shortly after the mission an Irish orange girl who had taken service in the family was converted to the Catholic faith after a long and animated controversy with Dolly."


Paulist Mission Chronicles, 5 mss. volumes, Office for History and Archives, North American Paulist Center, Washington, DC


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