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Smith, Jonah



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1845 (?)

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Jonah Smith was a Baptist who converted to Roman Catholicism in Philadelphia, and died sometime around 1845 in Delaware.

Biographical Quotation

From theĀ New-York Freeman's Journal and Catholic Register, March 22, 1845, p. 302, quoting from a correspondent in Philadelphia:

I may be here premitted [sic] to refer to another instance of indemnifying zeal in a convert, which reflects credit not only upon the character of the individual, but upon the genius of the religion to which he had united himself. Jonah Smith, a distinguished merchant of this city, connected with the Baptist church, became, some years since, dissatisfied with the grounds upon which the peculiar tenets of that sect are attempted to be sustained. after some years spent in investigation of the claims set forth by the various religions denominations; he ultimately recognized the truths of the Catholic church, and was received into its communion. Having once embraced the truth, he laboured earnestly in an effort to communicate it to those still enveloped in the darkness of error, and gave in his death which recently occured [sic] in the State of Delaware, (his native State, and to which he had recently removed,) a powerful and irresistible argument of the supernatural graces to be derived from a practical belief in the doctrine of Catholicity.


New-York Freeman's Journal and Catholic Register, March 22, 1845, p. 302.


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