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Conversion of Grace Sedgwick Bristed

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Conversion of Grace Sedgwick Bristed


Bartram, Erin

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At some point in the mid-1860s, Grace Sedgwick began to consider herself a Catholic, though the date of her formal entrance into the Church is unknown. After her marriage to Charles Astor Bristed, she attended Grace Church (Episcopal) in New York with him, but returned to Catholicism after his death in February 1874, and she had their infant son baptized the following November.

Biographical Quotation

"Grace has gone into Papacy very strong, and I hear she had Charley baptized into the Church.  Poor old Bristed. . . Grace makes his Babies a papist."- from The Roman Years of a South Carolina Artist: Caroline Carson's Letters Home, 1872-1892, edited by William H. and Jane H. Pease, University of South Carolina Press, 2003


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