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Mullen, Lincoln

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Bonney, Siney

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Siney Bonner has been included because she describes conversion rituals for slaves in Alabama, though she does not describe her own conversion.

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"Yes suh, we was all Baptis'---de deep water kind, and every Sunday dey
used to pile us into de waggins and pull out bright and early for Big
Creek Church on the Carrollton road. Everybody fetched a big basket of
grub and, sakes alive! sech another dinner you never see, all spread out
on de grassy grove by de ole graveyard. Mos' all de quality white folks
belonged at Big Creek and when dere slaves got sho' nuff 'ligion, dey
have 'em jine at Big Creek and be baptized at de swimmin' hole. Some of
de niggers want to have dere own meetin's, but Lawd chile, dem niggers
get happy and get to shoutin' all over de meadow where dey built a brush
arbor. Massa John quick put a stop to dat. He say, 'if you gwine to
preach and sing you must turn de wash pot bottom up'; meanin', no
shoutin'. Dem Baptis' at Big Creek was sho' tight wid dere rules too.
Turn you out sho' if you drink too much cawn licker, or dance, or cuss."


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