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Amy Chapman



Mullen, Lincoln

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Chapman, Amy

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Livingston, AL




African American


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"Us warn't learned to read an' write, but Mr. Jerry Brown's slaves were.
He owned a big plantation. Us didn't go to no nigger church, caze dere
warn't none. I was babtized in Jones Creek, an' Dr. Edmon's a white
preacher, j'ined me to de Jones Creek Babtist Church long fo' de war,
an' de song I lacked bes' was a white folks song. Twarn't no nigger
song. It was lack dey sing it now, 'cep' mo' lovely, Miss, mo' lovely.

Dark was de night
Col' was de groun'
On which my Savior lay
Blood in draps of sweat run down
In agony he pray.

Lawd, move did bitter cup
If sich dy sacred will
If not content I'll drink it up
Whose pleasure I'll fullfil.

"An' anudder one us niggers useter sing was might pretty:

In evil long I tuk de light
An' led by shame an' fear
When a new object stopped my flight
An' stopped my wild career.

I saw him hangin' on a tree
In agony an' blood
He fixed his languid eyes on me
As near his cross I stood.

Sho' never till my latter breath
Kin I forgit dat look
He seemed to change me wid his death
Yit not a word he spoke.

My conscience felt an' owned de quilt
An' plunged me in despair
I saw my sins his blood had spilt
An' helped to nail him dere.

"Yassum, I kin tell you things about slavery times dat would make yo'
blood bile, but dey's too turrible. I jus' tries to forgit.


WPA Slave Narrative Project, Alabama Narratives, Volume 1, Federal Writer's Project, United States Work Projects Administration (USWPA); Manuscript Division, Library of Congress



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