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Solomon Chamberlain


Jones, Christopher

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Chamberlain, Solomon
Chamberlin, Solomon

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Canaan, Litchfield County, CT

Death Date


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Washington, Washington County, UT





Family Relations

Chamberlain, Hopestill Haskins (wife, m. 1809-10-23)
Chamberlain, Emeline Shepherd (wife, m. 1846-01-15)
Phelps, Terressa Morse (Chamberlain Lee) (wife, m. 1847)



Biographical Text

Solomon Chamberlain was one of the earliest converts to Mormonism. A charismatic and visionary preacher, he was previously a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and Reformed Methodist Church. In later 1829 or early 1830, Chamberlain was introduced to Joseph Smith and his family, and given sixty-four unbound pages of the still-unpublished Book of Mormon, from which he preached to Methodist and Baptist audiences in New York and Upper Canada, before being baptized into Joseph Smith's Church of Christ in April 1830. He joined the Latter-day Saints in their trek west, first to Ohio, then Missouri, Illinois, and finally Utah. He briefly went to California in 1850 to pan for gold, but returned to Utah shortly thereafter. He died in 1862.

Biographical Quotation

"They then made known to me that they had obtained a gold record, and just finished translating it here. Now, the Lord revealed to me by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost that this was the work I had been looking for."

From Solomon Chamberlain's manuscript autobiography, recounting his initial encounter with Joseph Smith and his earliest followers.


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