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Conversion of James Lewis to Mormonism

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Conversion of James Lewis to Mormonism


In 1840, James Lewis converted from Methodism to Mormonism.


Jones, Christopher C., 1983-


"Autobiography of James Lewis," typescript, LDS Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

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After learning of the Mormons while living in St. Louis, Missouri in 1840, Lewis sought out Mormon preachers and, after hearing their message, "cast my lot with the Saints."

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"Became acquainted with the persecutions of the Latter Day Saints in Missouri, and their exodus to Illinois. Sympathizing with them in their distress and afflictions, hearing the doctrine taught by them, being the same as taught by Jesus Christ and His apostles for Man's salvation, that all men had the right to worship God according to his own conscience. I saught dilligently to know the truth, comparing the principals taught with the Bible, the coming forth of the Gospel spoken of by John the Revelator. I cast my lot with the Saints and was baptized at Keokuk, Iowa by Elder Hollister and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and ordained an Elder at the same time by Bro Abraham O. Smoot. This was done in the month of February 1842."


"Autobiography of James Lewis," typescript, LDS Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Available online at


Jones, Christopher C., 1983-, “Conversion of James Lewis to Mormonism ,” The American Converts Database, accessed February 18, 2019,

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