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Conversion of John Doyle Lee to Mormonism

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Conversion of John Doyle Lee to Mormonism


Hendrickson, Rachel


Hendrickson, Rachel

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While living in Illinois, Lee allowed preachers of different churches to preach in his home. During this time, a man named King, was on his way west to join the Mormon church. Lee invited him to preach, and was introduced to the LDS Church. However, it was not until the death of his infant daughter, that Lee decided to convert. Lee said of his conversion, "I believed the Book of Mormon was true, and if so, everything but my soul's salvation was a matter of secondary consideration to me...I was here brought to the test, and my action was to decide on which I placed the most value- my earthly possessions and enjoyments, or my reward in future, the salvation of my never-dying soul. I took up my cross and chose the latter." After his baptism, Lee immediately moved his family to join the majority of the Mormons in Far West, MO, and later to UT.


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